The Tierra Vida Healing Center was founded in 2008.  After Jill Levers & Casey Honaker had journeyed several times with Madre Ayahuasca the year previous, the calling to create a space of safety, integrity, comfort & support became paramount in their lives to be able to share this healing with all of those seeking.   Our vision and mission here at the Tierra Vida Healing Center is providing a peaceful and eco-friendly environment where people may participate in a variety of healing modalities.  We offer ayahuasca ceremonies in a traditional jungle setting with traditional Shipibo curanderos along with other native plant medicines and herbal remedies for physical and spiritual awakening and healing.  We use nature's teachings to strengthen our Divine connection with the Creator, developing our consciousness into deeper states of awareness.  We believe that Ayahuasca is not only a magnificent healer but shows us how to awaken to our true selves.  Through the medicine we are able to re-remember our Divine nature, our Oneness with All, and are able to take this wisdom back with us to aid in manifesting a beautiful and harmonious existence with all things.

Tierra Vida’s Facilitators & Healers

                                        Jill Levers

Co-founder of Tierra Vida, Ayahuasca Retreat Coordinator, Yoga Instructor & Spanish/English Interpreter.  During her second ceremony with Ayahuasca in 2007, she received the call to dedicate her life to the healing and transformational work with the sacred medicine.  Jill says, “After years of feeling spiritually empty, Ayahuasca has shown me a divine truth I never thought I would experience in this lifetime.  Ayahuasca has given me the gift of healing my false sense of separation and has flooded me with a freedom beyond description.  Belief and trust have become my strongest foundations on my path of awakening.  I am so grateful to be in service of this healing work.

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                                Casey Honaker

   Casey, co-founder of Tierra Vida, helps facilitates the healing retreats and supports the guests through their journey’s with Madre Ayahuasca.  With Casey’s background in Western Medicine, he can help guests integrate the Ayahuasca experience and understand the scientific aspects of the medicine.  He feels that Amazonian plant medicines, with their healing properties, are one of the most important components needed to help transform our societies.  They seem to work hand in hand with our natural physiology like a lock and key mechanism to open our minds and spirits.

                       Miska Mindakova

    Miska, is originally from the Czech Republic and has been living in Ireland for the last 10 years.  She started working with Shamanic Healing in 2004.  She studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo with the Four Winds Society.    Miska sees herself as a conduit of healing light and infinite love so that she may assist you on your path of healing. Miska leads the Yoga & Meditation classes at Tierra Vida.  She also offers Healing Sessions based on the Shamanic Wisdom of the Laikas/Queros Lineage.  In addition she offers Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Soul Retrieval and more.

                 Miguel Martinez

    Miguel, born & raised in Rocky Mountains of Colorado, has been our head chef at  Tierra Vida since 2012.  He believes food is medicine and creates healthy & delicious meals to help our guests detox and strengthen their bodies while dieting with the Ayahuasca.  Miguel came to the Amazon as student of Gaia to further his knowledge and wisdom of medicinal plants for his goal of becoming a Holistic Wellness Practitioner.  He feels very grateful to be aiding our guests along their path of healing.

    Kello  is the caretaker at Tierra Vida and also speaks English.   He helps with  maintaining and cultivating the land.  He is always there to help with any need a guest may have.  Kelo's joyful nature is a pleasure to have at the center.

    Jenny helps create the delicious meals in the kitchen with lots of love from her heart.  She is also a gifted artisan who offers her hand made embroideries & clothing at the art exhibition.

    Hilda helps in the kitchen, preparing our very healthy meals and helps with the cleaning around the Center.  She can also embroider Shipibo designs on your clothes.

Our wonderful team of of workers.  They have been the backbone of building and maintaing our Center and making it look beautiful!

Tierra Vida’s Location

   The Tierra Vida Healing Center is located in the lowland jungles of the Amazon, on the outskirts of Pucallpa, Peru.  We recently relocated in early 2013 to a beautiful sacred piece of land formerly owned by the renowned visionary Ayahuasca painter, Pablo Amaringo, in the village of La Florida.  Our home becomes your home, a place of peace, harmony & relaxation for your journey with the medicine. Here we are dedicated to maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable environment.  We have a variety of organic fruit trees and native medicinal trees & plants.  Organic vegetable gardens are in the works!


Tierra Vida offers a wide array of activities:


       Art Therapy



      Floral Baths

Painting Workshop

      Heart Circles

  Boat trip excursion

       Nature walks

Shipibo Art Exhibition

 Relaxing in a hammock

   The items on our wish list will be contributed to the                                           Healing Center and surrounding communities.


*MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution).  This is great to have for your travels as well.     

*Liquid Dr. Bronners Soap for dishwashing
*Tea light candles
*Sage for smudging

*Clothing & shoes for local community

*Old pairs of reading glasses for local community

* Medical supplies (bandaids, antibiotic ointment)

*Multi-vitamins for locals

*Emergen-C’s  packets 

                                                      Marcella Scott

   Marcella has lived in Santa Fe, Portland, and Hawaii and has been on a life long journey towards awareness and healing.  She believes that ultimate healing comes from reuniting with Spirit and Source and through heart-centered connections with people. She has been working with plant medicines for 10 years and was called to work more closely with Madre Ayahuasca after her second ceremony.    Marcella offers Chinese Medicine therapies at Tierra Vida including acupuncture, cupping, moxa, and making custom flower essence remedies. She practices traditional Chinese Medicine which can address a wide range of dis-eases, but focuses on Esoteric Acupuncture in the style of Mikio Sankey.. Esoteric acupuncture helps  with trauma release,  transform our karma, gives us access to ancient and cosmic wisdom, and assists in our ascension.